VOUNA conjures a singular Cascadian Funeral Doom atmosphere that is unlike anything that has existed before.  Their self-titled LP will be released by Artemisia Records November 2018. 

All music was composed and all instruments performed by frontwoman Yianna Bekris (previously of Vradiazei, Eigenlicht, and Sadhaka).  The music was inspired and influenced by Finnish funeral doom, English masters My Dying Bride, atmospheric black metal, and Greek folk music.    

The album was recorded entirely at the Wolves in the Throne Room studio, Owl Lodge, which is located at the edge of an ancient forest in Olympia, WA.  Razor sharp tremolo picked guitars cut through the heart like a knife. Mournfully sung vocals and cinematic melodies are combined with crushing doom drums, while layers of primitive 90s digital synths create a lush and rugged soundscape.    

Vouna will be on tour in the Western USA in November with more touring to follow.